Workshop Information

All workshops are FREE OF CHARGE on Saturday September 28th, beginning at 9:00am.  These workshops are for kids of all ages.  Teachers from the local community and some of our performers will be lending their expertise on various subjects.  Bring your instrument or just come and hang out.  If you ever wanted to learn to play music, now is the starts here!

9:00am Sessions

Acoustic Kids Connection with Scott Greeson (beginner/intermediate)

This is a kid friendly workshop that is designed to introduce kids to the different facets of the musicical process.  Kids will have the opportunity to play, sing and even help arrange tunes in various breakout sessions.  After the breakouts, the group will join together and play their masterpiece as only the AKC orchestra can!

Intro to Acoustic Guitar with Jeff Anderson (beginner)

Jeff Anderson is one of the primier guitar teachers in the community.  Jeff will guide you through the basic set up and chording of the guitar.  He will help you understand tuning and the importance of good practice techniques.

Intro to Fiddle with Nathan Davis (beginner)

Nathan is one of the finest session and teaching fiddle players around.  He has been teaching fiddle for many years and understands the nuances of great fiddle technique.  Nathan's personal teaching style will help you navigate the fiddle and bow and get you started on a musical journey that has no boundaries.

Beginning Ukulele with Bing Futch (beginner)

Bing is one of the world's finest instructors on multiple levels.  A master of the ukulele, Native American Flute and Mountain Dulcimer, Bing's approach to teaching is to keep is simple and fun.  Bring your uke and you will be rewarded with knowledge you never even knew you had.  That's Bing's way!


10:30am Sessions

Working Together As A Band with Sam Reider and the Human Hands (intermediate/advanced)

Sam Reider and his band will be discussing how he and his group navigate the rigors of the road, creating music and understanding the human element of working together.  His succes as a band leader is a testament to how important communication and trust is when creating music.  Learn how to avoid mistakes and ways to strengthen your musical bonds.

Master Fiddle with Jeremy Kittel (advanced)

Grammy nominee and three time national Scottish fiddle champion, Jeremy Kittel will be leading a master class on Scottish/Irish and Jazz fiddling.  His artistry is amazing and he will share with you how he goes about the creative process and help you with some of his signature licks.

Intro to Jazz with Scott Pazera (beginner/intermediate)

Local Jazz guru, Scott Pazera, will lead an introduction class to the basics of Jazz.  He will introduce you to how to play in a Jazz group setting and lead you in your own improptu session.

Blues Dulcimer with Bing Futch (beginner/intermediate)

Award winning mountian dulcimer artist, Bing Futch, will lead you on a musical journey through the Mississippi delta as he sings and plays the blues.  This is a very exciting class that pushes the musical boundaries of the dulcimer and opens up new roads.  Enjoy the ride.

Vocals/Harmony Singing with the Half Step Sisters (beginner/intermediate/advanced)

Katie Burk and the Half Step Sisters will introduce you to Old Time and Appalachian style harmonly singing.  The simplist and purest form of Americana music started in the Appalachian Mountains.  The HSS will bring it home to Indiana and present it in an easy and accessible way.