Wabash River-Scenic

Our Story

The Ouibache (WEE-buh-SHAY) Music Festival is a culmination of many festivals coming together to create one great festival.  It takes its name from the river that runs through Tippecanoe County.  The indigenous people called this river, Wah-ba-shiek-a, which means "water over the white rock".  The French called it Ouibache, we call it Wabash. In 2017, several local events and festivals came to an end or went through reorganization.  The planners and organizers of these festivals loved doing what they do best and that's planning festivals.  These folks felt there was a real calling to come up with a unique and hip festival that we could call our own and do some good in the community while we were at it. Ouibache was born.   Today the planning an preparation continues and we welcome ideas and support of any kind.

How Can You Help...

Contact us if you would like more information.  Come join in the fun, we would love to hear your ideas!